Masterbatch with OCI additives

High-performing stabilizer concentrates that have been specially designed as stabilizers against ultra-violet light (UV) sunlight and temperature, using a wide range of polymers. Developed for special applications such as:

film for agriculture; woven fabric, injected products and any use in general that is required over a long period of time.
Our masterbatch is made-up of a variety of formulations to ensure optimal thermal stabilization, as well as stabilization against a wide-range of polymers that help to determine the shelf-life and the characteristics of the product in different applications and environments.

Our masterbatches with UV additives provide protection for polymers in the long-term, they extend the shelf-life of many products and help to avoid premature degradation. Choosing a masterbatch with the right UV package is crucial for the following needs:

- To minimize the deterioration of the mechanical properties of plastic products, which are lost over time and after prolonged use.
- To make sure processing is facilitated in the production stage.
- A profitable solution that performs well over time.
- To create containers and packaging that protect your content from UV rays and heat.
- To protect polymers from any degradation caused by heat and sunlight.

Group companies that produce them

Khroma Etiquetas